December 5, 2013

Keep your success close; Mistakes Closer!

Life has different ways to teach lessons. Some times and all it so happens that a lesson of small magnitude creates a magnanimous effect in your life. Now that effect can be either a positive effect or a negative effect. If the effect is positive, then we rectify ourselves from the previous learning and next time get cautious about it. On the other hand if it is negative, then we end up swearing “I WILL NOT EVEN THINK OF DOING IT AGAIN”.  Here is my point. It’s not about doing it again ever; it`s about doing it again but with cautiousness. 

Thus I wanted to share this experience of mine which I recently experienced. I keep releasing my experiences because a senior lecturer of mine told me once, “Try to share your encouraging lessons  as much as possible because you might be helping someone going through a similar situation". Like most people every time I made a mistake; I kept pondering over it. What happened in the process was that I used to roam around with a frown face thinking about the mistake all the time and consequently; all people around me got only negative vibes. So I learnt to let go off the mistakes but the learning. Easier said than done of course! But then that’s the mantra or the cornerstone to be followed when we are trapped in such kind of adverse situations.
Years back when I was assigned with my first job in a French MNC located in Chennai; it took a complete toll on me. Starting from the language, the food, the people, the culture etc. everything almost killed me. For sure, I was an alien in that city. Every day was a struggle at work rather than a pleasure. I was not able to show positive vibes and that affected me both personally and professionally. By the time I realized my mistakes; I had already missed kind of big opportunities. We used to do an exercise called “self-introspection” before our annual performance assessment. That was an eye opener for me and I figured out where all I could have corrected myself.

These lessons were registered in my mind all the time. By God`s grace; I had that much of sense wherein I knew that next time onwards I have to be different in such kind of situations. And this is what exactly happened. The day I landed in UK for my Masters degree; I revived all my old lessons at the back of my mind. Struggle reappeared in all possible aspects in my life but this time I was equipped to encounter them. I kept my past mistakes closer to succeed this time. I fought all possible problems with respect to food, life style, culture, accent whatever it may be under the sky. And indeed I emerged with flying colors both academically and professionally. Failure of my Chennai trip contributed to the success of my UK trip on a broader platform.

I have learnt it eventually that it is not about putting a full stop; it’s all about the semi colon in your life. Defeat can be debilitating; crashing down the confidence. However the same defeat provides the platform to learn from mistakes. Even today when I feel defeated I run through all my past defeats and the successes that emerged from the leanings of those expensive losses. Sometimes it may so happen that you are trying to succeed at something, and greener pastures await you elsewhere. If that is so, let’s accept it. Focus your energies towards areas more relevant to you. 

An interesting fact that I am dying to share is quoted below. While browsing through the net; I got this and it absolutely blew off my mind.

The winner of the Miss Diva 2013 pageant, Manasi Moghe, was one of the contestants at the Femina Miss India 2013 pageant, where she did not make it even to the top 10. Had she lost hope and sat back in defeat, would she be wearing her coveted tiara today? She did not lose her belief in herself. In fact, she went around asking her grooming experts, “Where do you think I missed out? Do tell me please, because I want to work on this.” And that’s the killer attitude that got her where she is today.  

Guess this will serve as a one point lesson for each and every spirit that tends to feel defeated amongst us!

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