January 22, 2014

A new chapter for "Bengalis in Hyderabad"

Dear members,

It was early November when the BiH Advisory Committee met and decided that Bengalis in Hyderabad should be registered as a society. After few rounds of discussion, the decision was taken as the process was started.

For the next 2 months, the members of the board went through serious hiccups and challenges which started to prick like a thorn and finally on 22 January, 2013 we were finally registered as a society.

There were lots of questions raised on the reason for registration and benefits to the community. Over the last one year through the sincere support of all our members we were able to clear the answers for everyone and today as we stand on the 1st Anniversary of our registration, each and everyone of us feel proud being part of this community.

There are many who have been with us since it's inception in 2006 and are still showering their unconditional love and support. There were some who felt that this is not the right place to be and have parted ways. There are a few who left us and came back only to realize that they love the people here.

We have traveled the way through various emotions of love, hatred, friendship, etc. but one thing in our heart kept us together, "Bengalis in Hyderabad".

We would take this opportunity to thank all our Premium Members who took the risk to support us through their contribution. We are extremely grateful and honored to have so much support. We hope to have come up to your expectation. Being in the learning phase we are bound to make mistakes and looking forward to your suggestions and help which will make us stronger in the coming years.

This year, there are lot of things being planned and keep an eye for updates coming for you.

Looking forward to the year ahead.


Rahul Basu
Bengalis in Hyderabad


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