January 9, 2014

HADU debuts in BiH Blog - Debojyoti Mahapatra

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Follow HADU on Facebook

Hadu or Hyderabad Dadu, was started to spread some joy and at the same time spread awareness about social evils which are currently ruining the society. It has popularized among the bengalis here in Hyderabad and started slowly showing impact beyond the Hyderabad boundary too. It is probably one of the first bengali cartoon strip targeted Hyderabad bengali denizens.

This is the debut post of HADU in our blog. Hadu will start sharing exclusive contents to our readers over the period of time through the blog.

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Debojyoti Mahapatra

About the author: Debojyoti Mahapatra is a Software Engineer working for an IT Services company in Hyderabad. After from his busy schedule at work, he finds some time out to nurture his hobby of drawing and painting. Rana, as they popularly know him, joined Bengalis in Hyderabad few years back and since then have become an active part of the group. He is a fun element to the group and everyone enjoys his presence. He is also an active organizer of our social service wing, Sporsho and likes to spend time with children. He also likes to play football and have won laurels for his skills too.

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