January 24, 2014

On the verge of whole new era - Srijani Chowdhury

On the verge of whole new era,
We stand by
wandering endlessly amidst
several odds-
odds of life
those of modern day survival.
Seeking, probing
or maybe just asking-
what are we here to do?
We stand at a threshold
where life beckons
and the future summons
spluttering unknown,
unimagined realities.
Vandalism, hooliganism, diabolism,
stubborn convictions,
political scrambles,
all seeking refuge together,
striking together
under one land and sky-
sufferers thought-out are we.
Amidst this holocaust
we seem to leave behind
our unconditional, unpretentious
Thus fade our desired destinies.
We are left reminiscing the past,
the future.
Time seems to be advancing,
towards a dreaded future.
The call of time
spreads like a heavy pall,
sweeping away with it
the little remnants of-
Faith, peace, hope n perseverance…


Srijani Chowdhury

About the author: Srijani Chowdhury currently working in an MNC as an HR Asst. Manager & residing in Hyderabad for the last 4 months. She is very fond of music, dance (was in Shiamak Davar's troupe for 5 years), avid reader of fictional stories as well as a big movie buff. Once in a while she ends up penning down her thoughts in the form of short stories or poem. Srijani is just 4 months old in Bengalis in Hyderabad and have made quite a few friends. 


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