April 9, 2014

If men are from mars and then women are from? - Souravi Ray

The below post is part of the Blogging Contest which was organised by BiH - Adwitya (ladies wing of Bengalis in Hyderabad) during Women Day celebrations. This is judged as the winning post in the category, "If men are from mars and then women are from?".

So 8th March is nearing and the world is gearing up to celebrate, commemorate, debate and do what not to remember a part of human species called Woman. Though scientifically we are “homo sapiens sapiens”, a unified entity of species, but this world is the world of Men and Women. And the fun doesn’t end here. Men, as identified, for the Male Gender of “homo sapiens sapiens” seems to consider them as Marslings rather than Earthlings. May be that’s correct only... who knows... there are lots of queries about life’s existence that’s yet to be answered. However, the query that’s burning inside me is from where the Women came from? After all, the Men are from Mars, and that seems to be an undisputed truth. So a part of the same race supposedly came from another planet. Possible probably - After all scientists are debating about the existence of water in Mars. So may be millions of year back a part of Mars with the seeds of Men did crash on Earth and started the process of Men’s existence. Everything is possible. 

But when I look at the species Women I just keep wondering... somehow I find it so very difficult to adapt to the idea of the fact that their existence is rooted somewhere other than Earth. Women embody all the characteristics of an Earthling and nothing but an Earthling. Whenever I look at the conditions of other planets in our Solar System, I find them either rocky or gaseous... some element is missing. Women, as we know, embody lots of variety in her, to say the least. She has the potential to be rock solid and ethereal at the same time. She is strongly rooted to being humane... her ambitions are high, she makes errors but she has a heart that mourns deeply for all the inaccuracies and all the injustices done by her and done to her. She is a human who has her strengths and faults and is ready to accept others with theirs. I know that the statements sound sweeping. I know there would be both Marslings and Earthlings out there up in arms to both contradict and concur. What I don’t know and have always failed to understand is why Men had to be Marslings or some “other”-lings and Women needs to belong to a different polarity? Why a sustainable coexistence is so very difficult. I admit that there are differences. Nature - Mother Nature, as we refer her - has bestowed the difference. But aren't the differences complementary? I find it very comfortable to think both Men and Women as Earthlings who live and respect each other for being themselves, and draws strength from each other to grow, excel and make Earth the best place to live in... 

I know I am expecting too much. But what kind of an expectation it is, if it’s not too much? So this is to all the “homo sapiens”... People all of you belong to this Earth only. Please start looking at the truth, appreciate it and accept it completely. And probably then we can see a new way in our life as well as in language where we refer to Men as just the Male gender and Women as the Female one. Just the way we do it for a Tiger, Bear or Deer.


Souravi Ray
Souravi Ray
About the author: Souravi Ray is an IT Professional, an Entrepreneur and an ardent reader and recitation artist by interest. She reads all kinds of material, even “tongna”. She write only sometimes whenever she feel the unquenchable urge to express herself, “my way”. She is a part of Bengalis in Hyderabad since quite a long time and keeps herself updated about the activities.


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