July 23, 2014

Goodbye - Sandeep Chatterjee

This is an entry from the "Celluloid Diary" blogging contest conducted as a part of run up to the Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival 2014. We received many entries and the jury selected few among them to be showcased. The winning entry will be published in the upcoming edition of Kolaj, the yearly magazine, published by Bengalis in Hyderabad.

Theme: তোমার চারপাশের কোন ঘটনা নিয়ে যদি তোমাকে একটা সিনেমা বানাতে হয় তাহলে কি নিয়ে বানাবে আর কাদের cast করবে Tollywood থেকে? (Think of an incident around you, based on which, you would like to make a movie. Tell us about the incident and the actors you would choose for it.)

It was a dark night. The fourteen year old child was complaining of severe pain in the spinal cord. He had not eaten for the last 2 days. Everyone was terrified. The mother was sitting next to her waiting for the doctor. The clock stuck two. There was a knock at the door. The doctor had arrived. He did a routine checkup and asked for some tests to be conducted.

Next day, the mother is waiting outside the diagnostics center for the report. Her fears have come true. The child has been diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in the spinal cord. Hell broke loose.

The child was shifted to the Pain and Palliative Care Society as the house was becoming a mourning center. The mother has two more children and this was the youngest. She was with him throughout day and night. The doctors and nurses were urging her to go home as there was somebody to take care of him. But she was determined. She wanted to say him ‘Goodbye’ and go home.

The day had finally arrived. The child was not responding to any treatment. Finally the doctor pronounced him dead. The mother looked out of the window. She was prepared but such was her determination that she did not leave him even for a single moment till life changed its plans.

The entire family had come to take the dead body. Everyone was weeping inconsolably except the mother. She was the epitome of determination.

Mother: Debasree Roy


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