July 25, 2014

Resonance…… [Anuranan] - Aruna Bhattacharya

A scene from Anuranan

As we pass through the numerous crossroads of life we come across many who accompany us in this journey of myriad experiences. Underlying this is a resonance, a chord which strikes between two people

This is an entry from the "Celluloid Diary" blogging contest conducted as a part of run up to the Hyderabad Bengali Film Festival 2014. We received many entries and the jury selected few among them to be showcased. The winning entry will be published in the upcoming edition of Kolaj, the yearly magazine, published by Bengalis in Hyderabad.

Theme: বিগত ১০ বছরের মধ্যে কোনও উল্লেখযোগ্য সিনেমা যেটা তোমার ভালো লেগেছে সেটার মধ্যে এমন কি বিশেষত্ব ছিল যা তোমাকে সব থেকে বেশি আকৃষ্ট করেছে? (Think about some noteworthy Bengali films over the last decade and tell us about one which appealed to you the most. What aspect(s) of it were the most captivating, in your opinion?)

It was a letter, a hand written one with a portrait- a la-Titanic style. And he was trying to make sense taking examples from life’s jigsaw puzzle. Like with a piece in jigsaw many other pieces can be tried but there is just one unique combination that makes it perfect. And before that perfect picture is obtained many combinations can be tried and these are worthwhile. These makes the ‘piece’ more experienced. And there he tells 'her' that not every relation has to have a name.

Such is life. When memories turn olden they become meaningful.

It was when he (“Rahul_Bose") was zipping through those mustard fields driving that Merc, 'she' was transported to a different place with 'her' eyes glued on the 70mm. Memories of mustard fields from the land of Vikings came alive. But 'she' did wake up at the sight of Big Ben and did realize that was London and he was zipping through the lovely country side of London.

Eto anuranon kano?  'She' asks herself.

The father comes looking for his daughter as she has just moved to the city after staying away for so long and he looks for her and her husband. And he calls for “him”.  'She' was surprised as that reminded her of a name.

Eto anuranan kano? 'She' asks herself.

While still in front of the 70mm 'her' mind was taking wandering trail through different timezones, different landscapes, different space and time and 'she' did find herself asking:

"Koto anuranan, koto spondon
Koto jigyasha, koto bhalobasha
Somoy egiye jaye, jibon kete jaaye
S(m)riti aar bis(m)riti hoye jaaye ekakar
Ei jibon e koto anuronon, koto spondon"

[In this blog, I capture my own feelings, as I felt while watching a Bengali movie (‘Anuranan’) in a theatre in Delhi. The experience was such that it made me nostalgic connecting my life experiences which I expressed in this blog. Word count: 274] 

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